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accuse affair allege apprentice arraign article of commerce article of merchandise artifact aspect autograph back matter beat bind bind over book brainchild bring accusation bring charges bring to book budget of news case causerie chapter charge cite clause column commodity complain composition computer printout copy count critique datum definite article denounce denunciate descant detail determinative determiner dingus discourse discussion disquisition dissertation division document dofunny dohickey dojigger dojiggy domajig domajigger doodad dowhacky draft drug edited version element engrossment entity eppes essay etude etwas examination exclusive excursus exposition facet fact factor fair copy fascicle fasten on fasten upon feature fiction final draft finger finished version first approach first draft flimsy flumadiddle folio front matter gadget gathering gigamaree gimmick gizmo hang something on hickey holograph homily hootenanny hootmalalie impeach imply impute incidental indefinite article indenture indict individual inform against inform on insinuate installment instance integer introductory study item jigger lay charges lead item leader letter literae scriptae literary artefact literary production literature livraison lodge a complaint lodge a plaint loss leader lucubration manifesto manuscript material thing matter memoir minor detail minutia minutiae module monograph morceau news item nonfiction note noun determiner number object opus original outline page pandect paper paragraph parchment part particular passage penscript person persona phrase piece piece of writing pin on play poem point prefer charges preliminary study press charges printed matter printout product production prolegomenon put on report quelque chose reading matter recension regard report reproach research paper respect scoop screed scrip script scrive scroll second draft seconds section segment sentence serial sheet signature single singleton sketch something soul special special article spot news standard article staple staple item statement story study survey take to task task taunt with tax term paper text the written word theme thesis thing thingum thingumadoodle thingumajig thingumajigger thingumaree thingummy tract tractate transcript transcription treatise treatment twit typescript unit vendible verse version volume ware whatchy widget work writing


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