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(adv.) In a natural manner or way; according to the usual course of things; spontaneously.

OK Roger absolutely accordingly actually all right alright alrighty amen and so artlessly as a consequence as a result as a rule as expected as per usual as things go as usual as you say assuredly authentically aye by all means by birth by nature candidly casually certainly chiefly clearly commonly congenitally consequently customarily da directly easily en famille exactly familiarly finally fine generally genetically genuinely good good enough guilelessly habitually hear honestly immanently in plain English in plain words inconsequence indeed indeedy inevitably informally ingenuously innately instinctively internally intrinsically inwardly it follows that ja just so legitimately logically mainly mais oui matter-of-factly most assuredly most often mostly naturellement necessarily normally normatively obviously of course of necessity offhand offhandedly okay openheartedly openly ordinarily originally oui plainly point-blank positively precisely prescriptively primally primitively quite rather really regularly relaxedly right righto sans ceremonie simply straightforwardly sure sure thing surely therefore to be expected to be sure to the point truly unaffectedly unassumedly unassumingly unceremoniously unconstrainedly unofficially unpretentiously usually veridically very well warts and all well and good why yes without ceremony yea yeah yep yes yes indeed yes indeedy yes sir yes sirree


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