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1. (n.) The quality of being national, or strongly attached to one's own nation; patriotism.

2. (n.) The sum of the qualities which distinguish a nation; national character.

3. (n.) A race or people, as determined by common language and character, and not by political bias or divisions; a nation.

4. (n.) Existence as a distinct or individual nation; national unity and integrity.

5. (n.) The state or quality of belonging to or being connected with a nation or government by nativity, character, ownership, allegiance, etc.

Americanism Anglicism Briticism Everyman John Doe Public aboriginality ally archduchy archdukedom autochthonousness bloodline body politic breed buffer state captive nation chauvinism chieftaincy chieftainry citizenry citizenship city-state clan colony common man commonweal commonwealth community community at large country county culture domain dominion duchy dukedom earldom empery empire estate ethnic group everybody everyman everyone everywoman extraction flag waving folk folks free city general public gentry grand duchy heritage independence indigenousness internationalism internationality jingoism kingdom land love of country mandant mandate mandated territory mandatee mandatory men nation nationalism nationhood native-bornness nativeness nativism nativity overpatriotism patriotics patriotism pedigree people people in general peoplehood persons polis polity populace population possession power principality principate protectorate province public puppet government puppet regime race realm republic roots satellite self-determination self-government seneschalty settlement society sovereign nation sovereign nationhood sovereignty speech community state statehood stock strain sultanate superpower territory toparchia toparchy tribe ultranationalism world you and me


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