1. (superl.) of little breadth; not wide or broad; having little distance from side to side; as narrow board; a narrow street; a narrow hem.

2. (superl.) of little extent; very limited; circumscribed.

3. (superl.) Having but a little margin; having barely sufficient space, time, or number, etc.; close; near; -- with special reference to some peril or misfortune; as, a narrow shot; a narrow escape; a narrow majority.

4. (superl.) Limited as to means; straitened; pinching; as, narrow circumstances.

5. (superl.) Contracted; of limited scope; illiberal; bigoted; as, a narrow mind; narrow views.

6. (superl.) Parsimonious; covetous; selfish.

7. (superl.) Scrutinizing in detail; close; accurate; exact.

8. (superl.) Formed (as a vowel) by a close position of some part of the tongue in relation to the palate; or (according to Bell) by a tense condition of the pharynx; -- distinguished from wide; as e (eve) and / (f/d), etc., from i (ill) and / (f/t), etc. See Guide to Pronunciation, / 13.

9. (n.) A narrow passage; esp., a contracted part of a stream, lake, or sea; a strait connecting two bodies of water; -- usually in the plural; as, The Narrows of New York harbor.

10. (v. t.) To lessen the breadth of; to contract; to draw into a smaller compass; to reduce the width or extent of.

11. (v. t.) To contract the reach or sphere of; to make less liberal or more selfish; to limit; to confine; to restrict; as, to narrow one's views or knowledge; to narrow a question in discussion.

12. (v. t.) To contract the size of, as a stocking, by taking two stitches into one.

13. (v. i.) To become less broad; to contract; to become narrower; as, the sea narrows into a strait.

14. (v. i.) Not to step out enough to the one hand or the other; as, a horse narrows.

15. (v. i.) To contract the size of a stocking or other knit article, by taking two stitches into one.

Lenten Quakerish Spartan Victorian abate abbreviate abstemious accented accurate adjust to alter alveolar angustifoliate angustirostrate angustisellate angustiseptal apical apico-alveolar apico-dental articulated ascetic assimilated assuage attentive attenuated austere authoritarian back badly off barytone be into be strong in bigot bigoted bilabial borne bound bounded box box in box up broad cacuminal careful censorious central cerebral channel checked chinchy circumscribe circumscribed close close-fitting closed coarct compact compress concentrate condense condition conditioned confine confined confining conscientious consolidate consonant consonantal constrict constricted constringe contain continuant contract copyright copyrighted correct cramp cramped creedbound critical crowded curtail deaf deaf to reason decrease delicate demanding demure denotative dental detailed determinate diminish discipline disciplined dissimilated distill distressed dorsal down to bedrock draw draw in draw the line draw together dwarfed dwarfish embarrassed ethnocentric exact exacting exceptional excluding exclusive exclusory exigent exiguous exquisite fanatical feature feeling the pinch fine finical finicking finicky finite fixed flat focus follow front frugal fussy glide glossal glottal go in go in for guttural hairbreadth hard hard up heavy hedge hedge about hem hem in hidebound high ill off illiberal impecunious impoverished in Queer Street in narrow circumstances in reduced circumstances in straitened circumstances inadmissible incapacious incommodious ineffectual inexorable inflexible insular intolerant intonated isthmian isthmic jejune keep from spreading keep within bounds knit labial labiodental labiovelar land-poor lateral lax lean leaven lessen light limit limited lingual liquid little little-minded localize low lucky major in meager mean mean-minded mean-spirited mercenary meticulous mid mid-Victorian mingy minor in minute miserly mitigate moderate moderated modify modulate monophthongal muted narrow-hearted narrow-minded narrow-souled narrow-spirited narrowed narrowing narrows nasal nasalized near nearsighted nice niggard niggardly obdurate occlusive old-maidish on the edge open out of pocket overmodest oversimplify oxytone palatal palatalized palliate paltry parochial parsimonious particular passage patent patented petty pharyngeal pharyngealized phonemic phonetic phonic pinched pitch pitched


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