1. (a.) Inclined to sleep; sleepy; as, to feel nappy.

2. (a.) Tending to cause sleepiness; serving to make sleepy; strong; heady; as, nappy ale.

3. (a.) Having a nap or pile; downy; shaggy.

4. (n.) A round earthen dish, with a flat bottom and sloping sides.

addled beery bemused besotted blind drunk crapulent crapulous dizzy downy drenched drunk drunken far-gone feathery flossy fluffy flustered fou full furry fuzzy gay giddy glorious happy hirsute in liquor inebriate inebriated inebrious intoxicated jolly knobbed maudlin mellow merry muddled nubbly nubby peachy pily pinnate pitted reeling shaggy shikker sodden sotted studded tiddly tipsy under the influence velvety


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