1. (n.) The opening through which an animal receives food; the aperture between the jaws or between the lips; also, the cavity, containing the tongue and teeth, between the lips and the pharynx; the buccal cavity.

2. (n.) An opening affording entrance or exit; orifice; aperture;

3. (n.) The opening of a vessel by which it is filled or emptied, charged or discharged; as, the mouth of a jar or pitcher; the mouth of the lacteal vessels, etc.

4. (n.) The opening or entrance of any cavity, as a cave, pit, well, or den.

5. (n.) The opening of a piece of ordnance, through which it is discharged.

6. (n.) The opening through which the waters of a river or any stream are discharged.

7. (n.) The entrance into a harbor.

8. (n.) The crosspiece of a bridle bit, which enters the mouth of an animal.

9. (n.) A principal speaker; one who utters the common opinion; a mouthpiece.

10. (n.) Cry; voice.

11. (n.) Speech; language; testimony.

12. (n.) A wry face; a grimace; a mow.

13. (v. t.) To take into the mouth; to seize or grind with the mouth or teeth; to chew; to devour.

14. (v. t.) To utter with a voice affectedly big or swelling; to speak in a strained or unnaturally sonorous manner.

15. (v. t.) To form or cleanse with the mouth; to lick, as a bear her cub.

16. (v. t.) To make mouths at.

17. (v. i.) To speak with a full, round, or loud, affected voice; to vociferate; to rant.

18. (v. i.) To put mouth to mouth; to kiss.

19. (v. i.) To make grimaces, esp. in ridicule or contempt.

Brillat-Savarin Lucullus access announce aperture arm armlet articulate audacity back talk backchat bay bayou bazoo be hypocritical belt betray bight bite blandish blow blubber blue board-and-roomer boarder boasting boca boldness bombast bon vivant brag braggadocio bragging brashness cannibal cant carnivore champ chaps chatter chaw cheek chew chew the cud chew up chomp chops claptrap cock-a-doodle-doo connoisseur of food consumer converse cove creek crestfallen crow debate debouch debouchment declaim dejected delta demagogue despondent diner diner-out disclose discover disheartened dispirited disrespect divulge door doorway downcast drone eater eater-out elocute embouchure entrance entree entry enunciate epicure estuary euripus exit express face feeder fjord flesh-eater flippancy freshness frith fruitarian fustian gab gabble gas gasconade gastronome gate gateway gibber give away give lip service give mouth honor glutton gnash gnaw gob gourmand gourmet grain-eater graminivore granivore grimace grind gulf gum gut harangue harbor herbivore high liver hold forth hot air hungry mouth idle talk impertinence impudence inlet insolence jabber jaw jaws jowls kisser kyle lactovegetarian lap lick lip lips loch luncher make a face make a mouth man-eater mandibles masticate maunder maw maxilla meat-eater melancholy mop mop and mow moue mouthing mouthpiece mow mug mumble munch murmur mush mutter muzzle narrow narrow seas narrows natural harbor nibble omnivore omophagist opening oral cavity orate orifice out-herod Herod outfall outlet pantophagist passage passageway patter perorate pertness phytophage picnicker plant-eater play the hypocrite pout prate predacean premaxilla presumptuousness pronounce puff pull a face rabble-rouse rant rave reach read recite reek of piety render lip service road roads roadstead rodomontade rudeness ruminate sad sass sauce sauciness say snivel snuffle soapbox sob soft-soap sorrowful sound speak speak incoherently speaker spiel spill splutter spokesperson spokeswoman spout sputter stoma strait straits susurrate sweet-talk talk tell tongue trap trencherman tub-thump unhappy utter vaunt vegetarian


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