1. (n.) A man who retires from the ordinary temporal concerns of the world, and devotes himself to religion; one of a religious community of men inhabiting a monastery, and bound by vows to a life of chastity, obedience, and poverty.

2. (n.) A blotch or spot of ink on a printed page, caused by the ink not being properly distributed. It is distinguished from a friar, or white spot caused by a deficiency of ink.

3. (n.) A piece of tinder made of agaric, used in firing the powder hose or train of a mine.

4. (n.) A South American monkey (Pithecia monachus); also applied to other species, as Cebus xanthocephalus.

5. (n.) The European bullfinch.

Cape polecat abbacomes abbot ape ascetic bar beadsman bear brother caloyer cavy celibataire celibate cenobite chimp chimpanzee coenobite conventual conventual prior coon ferret foumart friar glutton grand prior groundhog guinea pig hedgehog hermit hieromonach lay abbot lay brother mendicant misogamist misogynist monastic monkey mousehound nun opossum palmer pilgrim pillar saint pillarist polecat porcupine possum prairie dog priest prior quill pig raccoon religieux religious single skunk stylite unmarried weasel whistle-pig wolverine woodchuck zoril


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