1. (n.) An ultimate atom, or simple, unextended point; something ultimate and indivisible.

2. (n.) The elementary and indestructible units which were conceived of as endowed with the power to produce all the changes they undergo, and thus determine all physical and spiritual phenomena.

3. (n.) One of the smallest flangellate Infusoria; esp., the species of the genus Monas, and allied genera.

4. (n.) A simple, minute organism; a primary cell, germ, or plastid.

5. (n.) An atom or radical whose valence is one, or which can combine with, be replaced by, or exchanged for, one atom of hydrogen.

I ace air an existence atom atomic particles being body brute matter building block chemical element component constituent creature critter earth electron element elementary particle elementary unit entelechy entity fire fundamental particle hyle hypostasis individual ion life material material world materiality matter meson molecule natural world nature no other none else nothing else nought beside nuclear particle object one one and only organism person persona personality physical world plenum proton quark something soul stuff substance substratum the four elements thing unit unit of being water


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