1. (n.) A spot; a blemish; a mole.

2. (v.) Alt. of Mould.

3. (v. t.) Alt. of Mould.

4. (n.) Alt. of Mould

5. (v. t.) Alt. of Mould

6. (v. i.) Alt. of Mould

7. (n.) Alt. of Mould

8. (v. t.) Alt. of Mould

Ectocarpales Phaeophyceae Platonic form Platonic idea accommodate accommodate with accord acres adapt adapt to adenovirus adjust adjust to aerobe aerobic bacteria aesthetic form agree with algae alluvion alluvium amoeba anaerobe anaerobic bacteria anatomy animus aptitude arable land archetype architectonics architecture aroma arrangement art form assemble assimilate to attribute autophyte bacillus bacteria bacterium badge bake be guided by bean bend bent bias biodegradability biodegradation blast blight block out blood body-build bracken brand break up breakup breed brown algae bug build building cachet cancer canker carve cast casting character characteristic characteristics chase chime in with chisel clan class clay climber clod coccus coin color complexion comply comply with compose composition compound conceit conceive conceptualize concoct conferva confervoid configuration conform conformation constituents constitution construct construction correct correspond corrosion corrupt corruption crasis create creation creeper crumble crumble into dust crust cut decay decompose decomposition degradability degradation denomination description designation devise dharma diathesis diatom die differentia differential dilapidation dirt discipline disease-producing microorganism disintegrate disintegration disorganization disposition dissolution distinctive feature dream up dry land dry rot dust earmark earth eccentricity echovirus efform elaborate engrave enterovirus erect ethos evolve experience imaginatively extrude fabric fabricate fabrication fall in with fall into decay fall to pieces fancy fantasize fashion fashioning feather feature fern fester fiber fictionalize figuration figure filterable virus fire fit fix flavor follow forge forging form formalize format formation formulate found frame freehold fruits and vegetables fucus fudge together fungi fungus gangrene gear to genius genre genus germ get up getup glaze glebe go bad go by go to pieces grain gram-negative bacteria gram-positive bacteria grapevine grassland grave green algae ground gulfweed gust habit hallmark harmonize hatch herb heterophyte hew hue humor humors ideate idiocrasy idiosyncrasy ilk imagine impress impression inclination index indite individualism inner form insculpture intaglio invent ivy kelp keynote kidney kin kind knead knock out label land


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