1. (a.) Restraining within due limits of propriety; not forward, bold, boastful, or presumptuous; rather retiring than pushing one's self forward; not obstructive; as, a modest youth; a modest man.

2. (a.) Observing the proprieties of the sex; not unwomanly in act or bearing; free from undue familiarity, indecency, or lewdness; decent in speech and demeanor; -- said of a woman.

3. (a.) Evincing modestly in the actor, author, or speaker; not showing presumption; not excessive or extreme; moderate; as, a modest request; modest joy.

Olympian aloof altruistic backward bashful becoming betwixt and between blank boggling budget cheap chilled chilly clean cold committed common consecrated constrained cool coy decent decorous dedicated delicate demeaning demure demurring detached devoted diffident disadvantaged discreet disinterested distant dry dull easy economic economy elegant expressionless fair fair to middling fairish faltering forbidding frigid frosty frugal guarded hesitant hesitating homely humble humble-looking humble-visaged humblest icy immaculate impassive impersonal in the shade inaccessible inconspicuous indifferent inexpensive inferior infra dig inglorious innocuous insipid introverted junior lackluster least less lesser limited low low-priced lower lowest lowliest lowly manageable mean mediocre medium meek middling minor moderate namby-pamby nice nominal of a kind of a sort of sorts offish ordinary passable plain poor priggish prim prissy proper prudish pure puritanical qualmish reasonable reluctant remote removed repressed reserved respectable restrained restricted reticent retiring sacrificing scrupulous second rank second string secondary seemly self-abasing self-abnegating self-abnegatory self-conscious self-denying self-devoted self-effacing self-forgetful self-immolating self-neglectful self-neglecting self-renouncing self-sacrificing self-unconscious selfless sensible servile shabby shoddy shrinking shy silent simple small so-so spotless squeamish stainless standoff standoffish stickling straitlaced stuffy sub subaltern subdued subject subordinate subservient suppressed teachable tedious temperate third rank third string timid timorous token tolerable unacquisitive unaffable unambitious unapproachable unaspiring unassertive unassuming unassured unblemished unboastful uncongenial undefiled undemonstrative underprivileged understated undistinguished unelaborate unembellished unexaggerated unexceptional unexpansive unexpensive ungenial unimportant unimposing unobtrusive unornamented unostentatious unpossessive unpresuming unpresumptuous unpretending unpretentious unselfish unsparing of self unsullied vapid vulgar wishy-washy withdrawing withdrawn within means worth the money


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