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(adv.) In a moderate manner or degree; to a moderate extent.

acceptably adequately after a fashion appreciably at a bargain at a sacrifice at any rate at best at budget prices at cost at cost price at least at most at piggy-bank prices at prime cost at reduced rates at small cost at the least at the most at the outside at wholesale at worst calmly cautiously cheap cheaply circumspectly comparatively composedly conservatively coolly crawlingly creepingly decently deliberately detectably dilatorily dispassionately easily equably evenly fair to middling fairishly fairly fairly well falteringly for a song for pennies frugally gently haltingly idly in a manner in a way in balance in low gear in march time in moderation in part in reason in slow motion in slow tempo in some measure incompletely indifferently indolently inexpensively judiciously kind of languidly languorously leastwise leisurely limpingly lingeringly loiteringly mediocrely merely middling well middlingly mildly modestly more or less nominally not comprehensively not exhaustively on the cheap only part partially partly passably pokily pokingly presentably pretty pretty well pro tanto prudently purely quite rather reasonably relatively relaxedly reluctantly respectably restrainedly satisfactorily serenely simply slightly slow slowly sluggishly so far so-so soberly some something somewhat soothingly sort of sparingly steadily stintingly subduedly tarryingly temperately tentatively thus far to a degree to some degree to some extent tolerably tranquilly under easy sail unexceptionably unhurriedly visibly well enough wholesale with agonizing slowness with deliberation within bounds within compass within reason


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