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1. (a.) Kept within due bounds; observing reasonable limits; not excessive, extreme, violent, or rigorous; limited; restrained

2. (a.) Limited in quantity; sparing; temperate; frugal; as, moderate in eating or drinking; a moderate table.

3. (a.) Limited in degree of activity, energy, or excitement; reasonable; calm; slow; as, moderate language; moderate endeavors.

4. (a.) Not extreme in opinion, in partisanship, and the like; as, a moderate Calvinist.

5. (a.) Not violent or rigorous; temperate; mild; gentle; as, a moderate winter.

6. (a.) Limited as to degree of progress; as, to travel at moderate speed.

7. (a.) Limited as to the degree in which a quality, principle, or faculty appears; as, an infusion of moderate strength; a man of moderate abilities.

8. (a.) Limited in scope or effects; as, a reformation of a moderate kind.

9. (n.) One of a party in the Church of Scotland in the 18th century, and part of the 19th, professing moderation in matters of church government, in discipline, and in doctrine.

10. (v. t.) To restrain from excess of any kind; to reduce from a state of violence, intensity, or excess; to keep within bounds; to make temperate; to lessen; to allay; to repress; to temper; to qualify; as, to moderate rage, action, desires, etc.; to moderate heat or wind.

11. (v. t.) To preside over, direct, or regulate, as a public meeting; as, to moderate a synod.

12. (v. i.) To become less violent, severe, rigorous, or intense; as, the wind has moderated.

13. (v. i.) To preside as a moderator.

K Laodicean abate acceptable accepting act between adequate adjust to admissible all right allay alleviate alter ambling apathetic arbitrate arrest assuage attemper average backpedal backwater balanced banal bank the fire bargain better than nothing betwixt and between bland blunt bound box in brake budget calm cautious center central centrist chair chasten cheap check circumscribe circumspect claudicant clement clip the wings common compassionate compromiser condition confine conservative constant constrain contain control controlled cool coordinate copyright crawling creeping creeping like snail curb cushion damp dampen de-emphasize deaden decelerate decent decrease defuse delay deliberate detain diminish direct discipline discreet downplay draw rein draw the line dull ease ease off ease up easy easygoing ebb economic economy equable even extenuate fair fair to middling fairish fall faltering fifty-fifty flagging foot-dragging forbearant forbearing forgiving frugal gentle go between good enough goodish gradual grave half-and-half halting hedge hedge about hobbled hobbling hold back hold in check hold up humane idle impartial impede inconsequential inconsiderable independent indifferent indolent inexpensive insipid intercede intermediary intermediate interpose intervene judge judicious keep back keep within bounds lackluster languid languorous lax lay lazy leaven leisurely lenient lenify lessen let down let up let up on lighten limit limping lose ground lose momentum lose speed low low-priced lumbering make terms manage manageable mean measured medial median mediate mediocre medium meet halfway merciful middle middle-of-the-road middle-of-the-roader middling midway mild mild as milk mitigate moderantist moderationist moderatist modest modify modulate mollify namby-pamby narrow negotiate neuter neutral nominal nonaligned noncommitted nonpartisan nonviolent normal not amiss not bad not half bad not so bad obstruct obtund of a kind of a sort of sorts okay on the fence ordinary pacifistic palliate paltry passable passive patent patient peaceable peaceful piddling play down poking poky presentable preside over pretty good prudent qualify rational reasonable reduce reduce the temperature reef referee register regulate regulate by rein in relax relaxed relent relieve reluctant remit represent respectable restrain


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