1. (n.) The name of several aromatic labiate plants, mostly of the genus Mentha, yielding odoriferous essential oils by distillation. See Mentha.

2. (n.) A place where money is coined by public authority.

3. (n.) Any place regarded as a source of unlimited supply; the supply itself.

4. (v. t.) To make by stamping, as money; to coin; to make and stamp into money.

5. (v. t.) To invent; to forge; to fabricate; to fashion.

armory arsenal assembly line assembly plant atomic energy plant batch beget bindery block out boatyard boilery bomb boodle bookbindery brand-new breed brewery brickyard bright bring forth bring into being bundle call into being cannery carve cast chisel coin conceive concoct considerable contrive cook up counterfeit creamery create cut dairy deal defense plant design develop devise die discover distillery dockyard dream up earn efform engender evolve extra fabricate factory factory belt factory district factory-new fashion feeder plant figure fire-new fix flour mill forge form formalize found frame fresh generate give being to give rise to gobs good deal good sum great deal harmless hatch heap heaps heaps of gold held back held in reserve held out hew improvise in abeyance in hand in mint condition inaugurate industrial park industrial zone innovate intact intaglio invent inviolate knead knock out large sum lashings last lay out lick into shape like new loads lot lots main plant make make do with make up manufactory manufacturing plant manufacturing quarter matrix mature mess mill millions mint of money model mold munitions plant negative neologize neoterize new new-begotten new-built new-fledged new-grown new-laid new-made new-minted new-model new-mown new-wrought newborn oil refinery oodles original originate pack packet packing house peck perfect pile piles plan plant pot potful pots pottery power of money power plant pretty penny pristine procreate produce production line punch push-button plant put aside put by quite a little raft rafts refinery renew renovate reserve roll rough out roughcast roughhew saved sawmill scads scatheless sculpt sculpture seal set shape shipyard shoe last shove the queer sight slew slews spare spate spawn spick-and-span stack stacks stamp stored strike out subassembly plant sugar refinery suspended tailor tannery template thermoform think out think up thousands tidy sum to spare ton unapplied unbeaten unbroken unbruised uncirculated unconsumed undamaged undefaced undeformed undemolished undestroyed unemployed unexercised unexpended unfaded unhandled unharmed unhurt unimpaired uninjured unmaimed unmangled unmarked unmarred unscarred unscathed unscratched unshattered unspent unspoiled untapped untorn untouched untrodden unused unutilized unwithered unworn


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