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1. (a.) Not indued with mind or intellectual powers; stupid; unthinking.

2. (a.) Unmindful; inattentive; heedless; careless.

a stranger to aimless airy aloof anarchic angry animal animalian animalic animalistic apathetic asinine asleep ataractic beastlike beastly bestial blase blind to blustering blusterous blustery bored brainless brutal brute brutelike brutish careless casual caught napping causeless chaotic cursory dead to deaf to degage designless detached devil-may-care disinterested dispassionate disregardant disregardful distant driftless dumb dysteleological easygoing fatuous flippant foolish forgetful frantic free and easy frenzied fruity furious haphazard headless heedless hellish idiotic ignorant ill-advised ill-considered ill-contrived ill-devised ill-gauged ill-judged imbecilic impassive impercipient impolitic imprudent in ignorance of inadvisable inattentive incognizant inconsiderate incurious indifferent indiscreet indiscriminate inept inexcitable inexpedient inexplicable infuriate injudicious insensate insensible insensible to insouciant instinctive instinctual irrational lackadaisical lackbrained lazy lean-minded lean-witted listless lunatic mad maniac mental misadvised misguided moronic myopic napping negligent nitwitted non compos mentis nonchalant nonconceiving nonrational not bright not with it nuts oblivious obtuse of little brain offhand orgasmic orgastic out of it pandemoniac pea-brained perfunctory phlegmatic pin-brained pococurante promiscuous purposeless raging random ravening raving reasonless reckless regardless respectless rip-roaring senseless shortsighted silly slackminded slackwitted stochastic stolid storming stormy stray stupid subhuman tactless tempestuous thick thickheaded thoughtless troublous tumultuous turbulent turned-off unaccommodating unaccountable unadvised unanxious unaware unaware of uncomplaisant unconcerned unconscious unconscious of unconsidered uncooperative undiplomatic undirected undiscerning undiscriminating unforeseeing ungifted unhearing unheedful unheeding unhelpful uninquiring uninsightful unintellectual unintelligent uninterested uninvolved unknowing unmindful unmindful of unmotivated unobliging unperceiving unprehensive unprepared unready unrealizing unreasonable unreasoning unreflecting unreflective unseeing unsensible unsolicitous unsound unsuspecting untactful untalented unthinking unthoughtful unwise unwitting uproarious wild withdrawn witless zoic zooidal zoologic


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