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(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Mimic.

acclamation accommodation accompaniment accord acquiescence acquittal acquittance adaptation adaption adherence adjustment affinity agape agreement agreement of all alikeness alliance amity analogy aping approach approximation assent assimilation association attune attunement award awarding bestowal bestowment bonds of harmony brotherly love cahoots calm care caritas carrying out cement of friendship charity chime chiming chorus closeness co-working coaction coherence coincidence collaboration collectivity collusion combination combined effort common assent common consent communication communion community community of interests comparability comparison compatibility compliance concentus concert concerted action concession concomitance concord concordance concourse concurrence conferment conferral confluence conformance conformation conformation other-direction conformity congeniality congruence congruency congruity conjunction consensus consensus gentium consensus of opinion consensus omnium consent consentaneity consilience consistency consonance consonancy consort conspiracy constancy continuity contribution conventionality cooperation copying correspondence deliverance delivery diapason discharge donation empathy endowment equability equanimity equilibrium equivalence esprit esprit de corps euphony evenness execution feeling of identity fellow feeling fellowship flexibility frictionlessness fulfillment furnishment general acclamation general agreement general consent general voice gifting giving good vibes good vibrations grant granting happy family harmonics harmony heavy harmony heed heeding homogeneity homophony identity imitation impartation impartment intersection investiture junction keeping kinship liberality like-mindedness likeness likening line love malleability meeting of minds metaphor mimicking monochord monody monolithism mutual understanding mutuality nearness obedience observance observation offer one accord one voice oneness orthodoxy overlap parallelism parasitism parity peace performance persistence pliancy practice presentation presentment provision rapport rapprochement reciprocity reconcilement reconciliation resemblance respect same mind sameness saprophytism satisfaction self-consistency semblance sharing similarity simile similitude simulation simultaneity single voice solidarity stability steadfastness steadiness strictness subscription supplying surrender symbiosis symmetry sympathy symphony sync synchronism synchronization synergy tally team spirit three-part harmony timing total agreement traditionalism tune unanimity unanimousness understanding uniformity union unison unisonance united action unity universal agreement unruffledness vouchsafement


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