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(n.) A thousand years; especially, the thousand years mentioned in the twentieth chapter in the twentieth chapter of Revelation, during which holiness is to be triumphant throughout the world. Some believe that, during this period, Christ will reign on earth in person with his saints.

Agapemone Arcadia Big Rock-Candy Mountain Canaan Cloudcuckooland Cockaigne Eden Eldorado Erewhon G Garden of Eden Goshen Happy Valley Land of Youth Laputa M Never-Never-land Neverland New Atlantis Pandemonium Quivira Saturnia regna Saturnian age Shangri-la Utopia abundant year academic year age of Aquarius annum bissextile year calendar month calendar year century chiliad chiliagon chiliahedron chiliarch chiliarchia cloudland common year day decade decennary decennium defective year dreamland dystopia era of prosperity faerie fair weather fairyland fiscal year fortnight golden age golden era golden time good times grand halcyon days heaven heyday hour kakotopia kilo kilocycle kilogram kilohertz kiloliter kilometer kingdom come lakh land of dreams land of enchantment land of faerie land of plenty land of promise leap year lotus land lunar month lunar year lunation luster lustrum man-hour microsecond millepede milligram milliliter millisecond minute moment month moon myriad one hundred thousand palmy days paradise piping times promised land prosperity quarter quinquennium regular year reign of Saturn rosy era second semester session sidereal year solar year sun sunshine ten thousand term thou thousand trimester twelvemonth utopia week weekday wonderland yard year


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