1. (n.) Possessing might; having great power or authority.

2. (n.) Accomplished by might; hence, extraordinary; wonderful.

3. (n.) Denoting and extraordinary degree or quality in respect of size, character, importance, consequences, etc.

4. (n.) A warrior of great force and courage.

5. (adv.) In a great degree; very.

Atlantean Brobdingnagian Cyclopean Gargantuan Herculean Homeric able-bodied absolute abysmal aggrandized almighty apotheosized armipotent ascendant astronomic august authoritarian authoritative authorized autocratic awesome awfully beatified beefy big bouncing brawny bulky burly canonized clothed with authority cogent colossal commanding competent comprehensive consequential considerable controlling deep deified dominant doughty duly constituted dynamic effective elephantine elevated eminent empowered energetic ennobled enormous enshrined enthroned epic ex officio exalted exceedingly excellent exhaustive extremely forceful forcible forcy full full-blooded full-strength giant giantlike gigantic glorified governing grand grave great gutsy gutty hale hard hard as nails hardy hearty heavy hefty hegemonic hegemonistic held in awe heroic high high and mighty high-potency high-powered high-pressure high-tension huge hugely husky illustrious immense immortal immortalized imperative important imposing impressive in force in power indomitable infinite influential intense iron-hard irresistible jumbo just large leading lofty lusty magnified main mammoth massive maximum mightily mighty in battle momentous monocratic monster monstrous monumental mountainous moving muscular nervy obstinate official only too operative plenary potent powerful powerfully predominant preeminent prepotent prestigious pretty prodigious profound prominent puissant quite ranking rattling real really red-blooded renowned right robust robustious rugged ruling sainted sanctified senior serious shrined so stalwart steely stout strapping striking strong strong as brandy strong as strong strong-willed stupendous sturdy sublime substantial supereminent superior supreme surpassingly telling terribly terrifically throned titanic total totalitarian towering tremendous valid vast very vigorous vital weighty well-built whacking whopping wieldy


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