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1. (n.) Any notice, word, or communication, written or verbal, sent from one person to another.

2. (n.) Hence, specifically, an official communication, not made in person, but delivered by a messenger; as, the President's message.

3. (v. t.) To bear as a message.

4. (n.) A messenger.

ALGOL COBOL ESP FORTRAN acceptation account acknowledgment acquaintance address advice alphabetic data alphanumeric code angular data announcement answer assembler bearer billet binary digit binary scale binary system bit blue book briefing bug bulletin business letter byte carrier chit command pulses commands commerce communication communion communique compiler computer code computer language computer program congress connection contact control signals controlled quantity conversation converse correcting signals correspondence courier data datum dealing dealings declaration directive directory dispatch dispatcher embassy emissary enlightenment envoy epistle error error signals essence evidence exchange express facts factual information familiarization favor feedback pulses feedback signals film data gen general information go-between guidebook handout hard information herald hexadecimal system idea implication import incidental information info information input data input quantity instruction instructions intelligence intendment interaction interchange intercommunication intercommunion intercourse intermediary internuncio interplay knowledge letter light line linguistic intercourse machine language meaning mediator memo memorandum mention messenger missive multiple messages news noise note notice notification numeric data octal system oscillograph data output data output quantity play pneumatogram point polar data post presentation promotional material proof publication publicity punch-card data purport random data rectangular data reference quantity release reply report rescript response ruly English sense sidelight signals significance significancy signification single messages social intercourse speaking speech speech circuit speech situation statement talking telegram telepathy the dope the goods the know the scoop tidings touch traffic transmission truck two-way communication understanding unorganized data visible-speech data white book white paper word


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