1. (n.) A pool or lake.

2. (n.) A boundary.

3. (v. t.) To divide, limit, or bound.

4. (n.) A mare.

5. (Superl.) Unmixed; pure; entire; absolute; unqualified.

6. (Superl.) Only this, and nothing else; such, and no more; simple; bare; as, a mere boy; a mere form.

7. (n.) A combining form meaning part, portion; as, blastomere, epimere.

absolute austere bare basic chaste elementary essential fundamental homely homespun homogeneous indivisible irreducible just monolithic of a piece only plain primal primary pure pure and simple scant severe sheer simon-pure simple single spare stark unadorned uncluttered undifferenced undifferentiated undiluted unenhanced uniform unmitigated unmixed


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