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aberrant abominable absurd amorphous anomalistic anomalous atrocious atypical bereft of reason brainsick crackbrained cracked crank crankish cranky crazed crazy criminal crotchety daft delinquent deluded demented deprived of reason deranged deviant deviative different disgraceful disoriented disproportionate distraught divergent dotty eccentric erratic evil exceptional fey flaky flighty formless freakish funny hallucinated hardly the thing heteroclite heteromorphic idiocratic idiosyncratic ignominious illegal improper inappropriate incoherent incommensurable incommensurate incompatible incongruous inconsequent inconsistent inconsonant incorrect indecorous infamous insane irrational irreconcilable irregular kinky kooky loco lunatic mad maddened maggoty manic mazed mental mentally deficient meshuggah moon-struck non compos non compos mentis not all there not done not right not the thing nutty odd oddball of unsound mind off off-base off-color off-key out of proportion out-of-line oxymoronic paradoxical peculiar preternatural psycho queer quirky reasonless sacrilegious scandalous screwball screwy self-contradictory senseless shameful shameless shapeless sick sinful singular stark-mad stark-staring mad strange stray straying subnormal terrible tetched touched twisted unbalanced unconventional uncustomary undue unfit unfitting unhinged unlawful unnatural unregular unrepresentative unrighteous unsane unseemly unsettled unsound unsuitable untypical unusual unwonted wacky wandering whimsical wicked witless wrong wrongful


Mentally Defective Personality
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