1. (v. t.) To join, or come in contact with; esp., to come in contact with by approach from an opposite direction; to come upon or against, front to front, as distinguished from contact by following and overtaking.

2. (v. t.) To come in collision with; to confront in conflict; to encounter hostilely; as, they met the enemy and defeated them; the ship met opposing winds and currents.

3. (v. t.) To come into the presence of without contact; to come close to; to intercept; to come within the perception, influence, or recognition of; as, to meet a train at a junction; to meet carriages or persons in the street; to meet friends at a party; sweet sounds met the ear.

4. (v. t.) To perceive; to come to a knowledge of; to have personal acquaintance with; to experience; to suffer; as, the eye met a horrid sight; he met his fate.

5. (v. t.) To come up to; to be even with; to equal; to match; to satisfy; to answer; as, to meet one's expectations; the supply meets the demand.

6. (v. t.) To come together by mutual approach; esp., to come in contact, or into proximity, by approach from opposite directions; to join; to come face to face; to come in close relationship; as, we met in the street; two lines meet so as to form an angle.

7. (v. t.) To come together with hostile purpose; to have an encounter or conflict.

8. (v. t.) To assemble together; to congregate; as, Congress meets on the first Monday of December.

9. (v. t.) To come together by mutual concessions; hence, to agree; to harmonize; to unite.

10. (n.) An assembling together; esp., the assembling of huntsmen for the hunt; also, the persons who so assemble, and the place of meeting.

11. (a.) Suitable; fit; proper; appropriate; qualified; convenient.

12. (adv.) Meetly.

Highland games Olympiad Olympic games Olympics abide by abut accepted accommodate accommodate with accommodated accord accost acknowledged act up to adapt adapt to adhere adhere to adjoin adjust adjust to admitted advantageous advisable affront agree agree in opinion agree with alight upon answer applicable approach appropriate approved apt assemble assemblee assembly assignation assimilate to at home attend to auspicious avail balanced ball bang bang into be equal to be exposed to be faithful to be guided by be subjected to bear beard becoming befitting being done bell the cat bend bite the bullet bout brave brawl brazen brazen out breast bring before bring forward bring up bump bump into bunch bunch up call together cannon carom carom into carousel carry out caucus center centralize challenge chance chance upon chime in with civil clash clinch close close in close up close with clot cluster cohere coincide collect collide colloquium come across come among come into collision come together come up against come upon comme il faut commission committee communicate compete compete with competition comply comply with compose concenter concentralize concentrate conclave concours concourse concur concuss conflict conform conform to conformable confront confront each other confront with congregate congregation congress congruous connect contest convene convenient conventicle convention conventional converge convocation convoke cope copulate correct correspond council couple crack up crash crash into cross crowd crump crunch customary dance dare dash into date de rigueur deal with decathlon decent decorous defensible defray defy derby deserved desirable diet discipline dispose of ditto do do it do justice to double-header doubles due echo eisteddfod embrace emulate encounter endure engagement envisage equal equitable even evenhanded event expedient experience face face the music face up face up to face with fair fair and square fall across fall among fall foul of fall in with fall upon favorable feasible feel felicitous festivity fete field day fight fill fill the bill find fit fitten fitting flock together flow together focus follow forgather forgathering formal fortunate forum foul foursome front fructuous fulfill funnel fuse game games games of chance gang around gang up gather gather around gathering gear to genteel get by get together with


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