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Ace bandage Band-Aid Bund German band Mystik tape Philharmonic Rochdale cooperative Scotch tape accouple accumulate act in concert act together adhesive tape affiliate age group agglutinate alliance ally amalgamate amass amateur band anklet application armlet articulate assemblage assemble assembly associate association axis band together bandage bandaging bandeau bar battalion batten be in league bed bedding begird belt belt in bend bespangle bespeckle bespot bevy big band bind bind up binder bloc blotch body bond border brace bracelet bracket brass brass band brass choir brass quintet brass section brasses bridge bridge over brigade bunch bundle cabal callithumpian band cast cataplasm cellophane tape cement chain chamber orchestra channel check checker cinch cincture cingulum circle citizens band clap together clique cloth tape club club together cluster coact coalesce coalition cohort collaborate collar collarband collect college collude combination combine combo common market company complement compress comprise concatenate concert concert band concord concur confederacy confederate confederation conglobulate conjoin conjugate connect consociate consolidate conspire consumer cooperative contingent cooperate cooperative cooperative society copulate corps coterie cotton couche council couple course court plaster cover covey crack cravat craze credit union crew cross-hatching crowd customs union dapple dash deck delineation desks detachment detail diagonal division dixieland band do business with do up dot dotted line dressing earring ecliptic economic community edge elastic bandage embrace encincture encircle encompass engird ensemble ensphere epithem equator faction fascia federate federation fillet finger ring flake fleck fleet floor four-tailed bandage freckle free trade area frequency band friction tape fuse gallery gamelan orchestra gang gather gauze get heads together get together gird girdle girt girth glue go partners great circle group grouping groupment hachure hairline hang together harlequin harmonize hatching hold together hook up hoop horde in-group include iris jazz band join join in join together jug band junta keep keep together knot lace lash lath lay together layer league league together leash ledge level ligula ligule line lineation link lint list loop lump together


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