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Swiss bank account accommodate accord account account current account rendered account stated adjust afterglow afterimage agree amount to analogize analogousness aplomb arrangement assess assets assimilate assimilate to assurance atmosphere atone for attune audit authority available means average back down balance the books balanced personality ballast bank account be heavy beauty bilateral symmetry bonus book bottom dollar break even bring into analogy bring into comparison brushwork budget butt butt end cancel candle ends capital capital goods capitalization capitalize carry carry over carry weight cash account cash reserves cast up accounts center chaff charge off check check out checking account close out close the books coequality coextension collectedness color come to come up to command command of money commensurability common sense communion community comparability comparableness comparativeness compare compare and contrast compare with compensate compensate for composition composure concinnity confidence conformity confront congruity consider consideration consistency constancy contact with reality contrast control control account cool cool head coolheadedness coolness coolth coordinate corelation correlation correlativism correlativity correspond correspondence counteract counterbalance counterpoise counterpose countervail counterweigh counterweight credit damp debate debit debris deficit deliberate demonstrate demur design detritus difference discrepancy ditto dividend docket double-check draftsmanship draw draw a comparison draw a parallel due sense of dynamic symmetry end enter epact equability equal equality equalize equanimity equate equation equilibrium equilibrize equipoise equipollence equiponderance equiponderate equity equivalence equivalency equivalent estimate euphony eurythmics eurythmy evaluate even even off even out even up evenness excess exchequer extra fag end falter fastness fear filings finances finish firm firm up firmness fit flatten footing fossil freeze fund funds generality give-and-take golden mean good sense gratuity grist grouping hang back happy medium harmonize harmony have weight healthy mind heel heft hem and haw hesitate hold hold the scales holdings holdover homeostasis homogenize horse sense hover hum and haw husks identity immobilize imperturbability income account integrate invariability inventory inverse proportion inverse ratio inverse relationship jib journalize juste-milieu justice keep keep books keep pace with keeping kitty knot lagniappe leavings leftover leftovers level level head levelheadedness levelness lie heavy life savings liken liken to likeness line


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