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1. (a.) Consisting of matter; physical; as, material evidence; material possessions\.

2. (a.) Hence: Pertaining to, or affecting, the physical nature of man, as distinguished from the mental or moral nature; relating to the bodily wants, interests, and comforts.

3. (a.) of solid or weighty character; not insubstantial; of consequence; not be dispensed with; important.

4. (a.) Pertaining to the matter, as opposed to the form, of a thing. See Matter.

5. (n.) The substance or matter of which anything is made or may be made.

6. (v. t.) To form from matter; to materialize.

Adamic Circean Formica Masonite Philistine a propos ab ovo absolute abundance accumulation actual ad rem adducible admissible air amassment animal animalistic apparatus appertaining applicable applying apposite appreciable appropriate apropos asphalt atom atomic particles atoms attestative attestive authentic backlog ballpoint pen basal based on basic beastlike beastly bedrock being belonging bestial bibliography big big-league big-name big-time bigwig bigwigged blackboard blacktop bodily body of knowledge body of learning brick brutal brute brute matter brutish budget building block canvas cardinal carnal carnal-minded carpeting central certain chalk chemical element circumstantial clapboard cloth coarse cobblestone collection commissariat commissary component components conclusive concrete consequential considerable constituent constituents constitutive convincing core cork tile cornucopia corporal corporeal crayon cumulation cumulative cyclopedia damning data decisive determinative distillate distillation documentary documentation documented documents double-barreled drapery dump earth earthly earthshaking earthy element elemental elementary elementary particle elementary unit elements elixir encyclopedia entity equipment eraser essence essential etoffe evidential evidentiary ex parte eye-witness fabric facts factual fallen felt fiber glass figures final fire firsthand flag flagging flagstone fleshly flooring focal founded on fundamental fundamental particle gear germane gist goods grand great gross grounded on gut habiliments heap hearsay heart heavyweight high-powered hoard hyle hylic hypostasis implicit important in point incontrovertible indicative indispensable indisputable individual information ingredient ink inkhorn inkstand inkwell inventory invisible ink involving irrefutable irresistible kernel lace lapsed larder lay lead pencil life-and-death life-or-death linoleum literature lore macadam machinery major marrow mass material world materialistic materiality materials materiate materiel matter meaningful means meat medium molecule momentous monad mundane munitions name napery natural world nature nib nonspiritual notes nub nuncupative object objective of the essence of vital importance orgiastic original outfit overwhelming palpable pantile paper papers paraphernalia parquet pavement pavestone paving pen perceptible pertaining pertinent phenomenal


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