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(n.) Alt. of Martingal.

Jacksonian epilepsy Rolandic epilepsy abdominal epilepsy abduction absorb absorb the attention access acquired epilepsy activated epilepsy affect epilepsy akinetic epilepsy apoplexy apprehend apprehension arrest arrestation arrested arrestment attach attack autonomic epilepsy backpedal backwater balk bearing rein bell bit block blockage blocking bottle up brake bridle bring to bring up short bust capture cardiac epilepsy catch catching cessation chain charm check checkmate checkrein chock choke clip the wings clog clogging clonic spasm clonus closing up closure collar collaring compare confine constrain constraint constriction contain control convulsion cool cool off cooling cooling down cooling off cortical epilepsy countercheck coup cramp curb curb bit cursive epilepsy curtail curtailment cut short cutoff dam dam up damp damper dead stop deadlock decelerate deceleration delay detain detainment detention diurnal epilepsy dompt doorstop drag drag sail dragnet draw rein drift anchor drift sail drogue ease off ease up ease-off ease-up eclampsia enchant end endgame ending engage engage the attention engage the mind engage the thoughts engross engross the mind engross the thoughts enjoin enthrall epilepsia epilepsia gravior epilepsia major epilepsia minor epilepsia mitior epilepsia nutans epilepsia tarda epilepsy exercise falling sickness fascinate fetter final whistle fit fixation flagging focal epilepsy foot-dragging forcible seizure forestall freeze frenzy frustrate full stop govern grab grabbing grand mal grinding halt grip guard gun halt hamper hampering haute mal hinder hindering hindrance hold hold at bay hold back hold fast hold in hold in check hold in leash hold spellbound hold the interest hold up holdback holdup hypnotize hysterical epilepsy ictus immerse immure impede impediment imprison imprisoned in custody incarcerate inhibit inhibition injunction intercept interdict interfere interference intermeddle interpose interrupt interruption intervene involve involve the interest jail keep keep back keep from keep in keep in check keep under control kidnapping lag larval epilepsy laryngeal epilepsy laryngospasm latent epilepsy lay hands on lay under restraint legal restraint let let down let up letdown letup lock up lockjaw lockout lose ground lose momentum lose speed make an arrest make late martingale matutinal epilepsy meddle menstrual epilepsy mesmerize minus acceleration moderate monopolize monopoly musicogenic epilepsy myoclonous epilepsy nab nabbing negativism net netting nick nocturnal epilepsy nuisance value obsess obstruct obstruction obstructionism occlusion occupy occupy the attention oppose opposition


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