1. (imp. & p. p.) of Mark.

2. (a.) Designated or distinguished by, or as by, a mark; hence; noticeable; conspicuous; as, a marked card; a marked coin; a marked instance.

a cut above above acclaimed ahead appalling apparent appointed appropriate arresting ascendant astonishing better capping carved celebrated characteristic chosen considerable conspicuous creased cut decided destined devoted distinctive distinguished doomed eclipsing egregious eminent enchased engraved esteemed estimable evident exceeding excellent excelling exceptional extraordinary fabled fabulous famed famous fantastic far-famed far-heard fatal fated fateful finer foredoomed formidable furrowed glyphic graved graven greater grooved higher honored idiocratic idiosyncratic impressed imprinted in ascendancy in character in store in the ascendant in the cards incised incredible inevitable inscribed insculptured intrinsic legendary lined major marvelous memorable much acclaimed mythical noble notable noted noteworthy noticeable notorious obvious of choice of mark of note one up on ordained outstanding over patent peculiar pointed popular prestigious printed prominent pronounced proper quintessential rare remarkable rememberable renowned reputable rivaling salient sculptured signal significant single singular special stamped striking super superior surpassing talked-about talked-of telling tooled topping transcendent transcendental transcending true to form uncommon unforgettable unique unmistakable upper well-known wonderful written


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