1. (n.) A loose garment to be worn over other garments\; an enveloping robe; a cloak. Hence, figuratively, a covering or concealing envelope.

2. (n.) Same as Mantling.

3. (n.) The external fold, or folds, of the soft, exterior membrane of the body of a mollusk. It usually forms a cavity inclosing the gills. See

4. (n.) Any free, outer membrane.

5. (n.) The back of a bird together with the folded wings.

6. (n.) A mantel. See Mantel.

7. (n.) The outer wall and casing of a blast furnace, above the hearth.

8. (n.) A penstock for a water wheel.

9. (v. t.) To cover or envelop, as with a mantle; to cloak; to hide; to disguise.

10. (v. i.) To unfold and spread out the wings, like a mantle; -- said of hawks. Also used figuratively.

11. (v. i.) To spread out; -- said of wings.

12. (v. i.) To spread over the surface as a covering; to overspread; as, the scum mantled on the pool.

13. (v. i.) To gather, assume, or take on, a covering, as froth, scum, etc.

aerate apply to arachnoid arbor vitae archipallium armory badge badge of office badges baton beat between brain blanch blanket blazonry block blush bonnet boot brain stem brassard breech button caduceus canopy cap cap and gown cape cerebellar hemispheres cerebellum cerebral cortex cerebrospinal fluid cerebrum chain chain of office change color class ring cloak clothe cloud coat cockade coif collar color color up conceal convolution cope corpus callosum corpus striatum cover cover up coverage covering covert coverture cowl cowling cream crimson crook crosier cross cross-staff curtain darken decoration diencephalon disguise drape drapery dress dura mater eagle eclipse emblems encircle endbrain ensigns envelop fasces figurehead film fissure flame fleur-de-lis flush foam folia forebrain fornix frock frontal lobe froth frown gavel glare glial cells globus pallidus glow glower gnarl gown gray matter grow red growl guise gyrus hammer and sickle hanging hat heraldry hide hindbrain hippocampus hood housing hypothalamus insignia jacket lapel pin lather lay on lay over lenticular nucleus limbic lobe little brain livery lobe look black look daggers lower mace markings mask medal medulla oblongata meninges mesencephalon metencephalon midbrain mortarboard muffle myelencephalon neopallium obduce obscure occipital lobe occult old school tie optic chiasm overlay overspread pale pall pallium parietal lobe pelisse pia mater pin pineal body pink pituitary body pons portfolio put on redden regalia reticular system rhombencephalon ring robe rod rod of office rose rouge scepter school ring scowl screen scum shamrock shawl sheet shelter shield shirt shoe shroud sigillography skull and crossbones snap snarl sock sphragistics spit spread over spume squirm with self-consciousness staff stammer stocking subthalamus sud suds superimpose superpose surround swastika tartan telencephalon temporal lobe thalamus thistle tie truncheon turn color turn pale turn red uniform veil ventricle verge vermis vestment wand wand of office whip whisk white matter whiten wrap


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