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(n.) A distinctive trait such as a manner of speaking or gesturing; an idiosyncrasy\; adherence to a peculiar style or manner; a characteristic mode of action, bearing, or treatment, carried to excess, especially in literature or art.

Gongorism affectation affectedness airs airs and graces aroma artfulness artifice artificiality attribute badge brand cachet cast character characteristic command of language configuration cut differentia differential distinctive feature earmark eccentricity euphemism euphuism exaggeration expression of ideas facade false front false show fashion feature feeling for words feigned belief figure flavor form of speech front grace of expression grandiloquence gust habit hallmark hyperelegance hypocrisy idiocrasy idiosyncrasy image impress impression index individualism inflation insincerity keynote lineaments literary style lugs manner manner of speaking manneredness mark marking mere show minauderie mode mode of expression mold nature oddness odor overelaboration overelegance overniceness overrefinement particularity peculiar trait peculiarity personal style preciosity preciousness pretense pretension pretentiousness property prunes and prisms public image purism put-on putting on airs quality queerness quirk rhetoric savor seal sense of language sham shape show singularity smack specialty stamp strain style stylishness stylistic analysis stylistics taint tang taste the grand style the plain style the sublime token trademark trait trick trick of behavior unnaturalness vein way


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