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1. (v.) To make skilled, strategic, or artful moves; as, to skillfully maneuver a vehicle\;

2. (n.) Alt. of Manoeuvre.

3. (v. t.) Alt. of Manoeuvre.

accomplished fact accomplishment achievement act act on act upon acta action ad hoc measure adventure amphibious operations angle answer art artful dodge artifice bank be responsible for bear a hand beguile blind blow bold brew cabal call the signals captain carry on carry out carry through chicanery collude combined operations command complot concoct conduct connive conspiracy conspire contrivance contrive control convoy cook up countermine countermove counterplot coup courageous course of action crab craft cute trick dauntless deal with dealings deceit deed demarche design device dip direct dispense do something do something about dodge doing doings drive dry run effort endeavor engineer enterprise execute a maneuver expedient exploit fait accompli fakement fearless feat feather feint fetch finagle finesse fishtail fluid operations frame frame up gambit game gerrymander gest get with it gimmick go govern grift hand handiwork handle hatch hatch a plot hatch up head head up heave in together improvisation intrepid intrigue jig job jockey jugglery jury-rig jury-rigged expedient keep in formation keep pointed keep station knavery last expedient last resort last shift lay a plot lead lead on lift a finger little game logistics loop machinate machination maintain position make go make the rules makeshift manage maneuvers manful manipulate manipulation mastermind means measure military operations minor operations mission move movement navigate officer operate operation operations order overseas operations overt act passage perform on performance pilot pis aller plan play play games plot plow ploy ply porpoise practice prescribe procedure proceed proceed with proceeding production pull out pull strings pull the strings pull up push down quarterback racket red herring regulate res gestae resort resource rig roll run ruse scheme see to shake-up shift sideslip skid skipper sleight solution spin spiral staff work steam in line steer step stopgap stratagem strategy strike a blow stroke stroke of policy stunt subterfuge swing tactic take a hand take action take care of take command take measures take steps take the lead temporary expedient thing thing done tour de force transaction trick trickery trump turn unafraid undaunted undertaking undulate valiant valorous wangle war game war plans wield wile wily device work working hypothesis working proposition works yaw


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