(n.) The arrangements of the parts of which anything is composed\.

Platonic form Platonic idea acknowledgments aesthetic form anatomy animus aptitude archetype architectonics architecture arrangement art form assemblage assembly back back matter bad copy bad likeness base bastard title bent bias bibliography blackface body-build brand build building buildup camouflage cast catch line catchword character characteristic characteristics clown white cold cream colophon combination compact complexion composition compound configuration conformation constituents constitution construction contents contents page contrast copyright page cosmetics costume crasis creation cut dedication dharma diathesis difference disguise disparity disposition dissemblance dissimilarity dissimilation dissimilitude divergence diversity drugstore complexion eccentricity embodiment endleaf endpaper endsheet errata ethos eye shadow eyebrow pencil fabric fabrication face fashion fashioning fiber figuration figure flyleaf folio fore edge foreword forging form format formation foundation foundation cream frame front matter genius genre getup grain greasepaint habit half-title page hand cream hand lotion head hue humor humors idiosyncrasy ilk impression imprint inclination incommensurability incomparability incorporation index individualism individuality inner form inscription introduction junction kidney kind layout leaf leaning lip rouge lipstick make making manufacture mascara matrix mental set mere caricature mettle mind mind-set mixture modality mode model mold molding mudpack nail polish nature nonuniformity organic structure organism organization page paint pattern patterning personality physique piecing together plan poor imitation powder powder puff practical piece predilection predisposition preface preference preliminaries proclivity production prop propensity property prototype puff putting together quality recto reverso rouge running title set setup shape shaping signature significant form slant somatotype sort spirit stamp strain streak stripe structure structuring style subtitle suchness syneresis synthesis system table of contents tail talcum talcum powder tectonics temper temperament tendency tenor text texture theatrical makeup tissue title title page tone trim size turn turn of mind twist type type page unlikeness unresemblance unsameness unsimilarity vanishing cream vanity case vein verso war paint warp warp and woof way weave web


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