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accommodate accomplish accumulate ad-lib adjust agglomerate aggregate aggroup amass arrange assemble atone for balance batch beget blend breed brew bring forth bring into being bring to completion bring to fruition bring together build build up bulk bunch bunch together bunch up call into being cast close close with clump cluster coin collect colligate collocate combine come round come to terms come together compare compile complete compose compound comprise conceive conclude concoct conglomerate consist of constitute construct contrive cook up corral counterbalance counterfeit counterpoise countervail create cumulate dash off decoct design develop devise dig up discover do offhand draw together dream up dredge up drive together eke out elaborate embody engender enter into erect evolve extemporize extrude fabricate fake fantasize fashion fill in fill out fit fix fix up forge forgive and forget form formulate frame fudge fudge together fulfill fuse gather gather in gather together generate get get in get together get up give being to give rise to go into group hatch hatch up hoke up impose improvisate improvise incorporate indite interblend interfuse intermix invent join jury-rig justify juxtapose knock off lash up lump together make make do with make good make matters up manufacture mass match mature meld merge merge in mingle mint mix mobilize mold muster offset organize originate outweigh overrun pair partner patch together pi pi a form piece out piece together plan play by ear prefabricate prepare procreate produce put together put up raise rake up rally ready rear redeem refill replenish round out round up run up scrap the plan scrape together set set in print set off set up settle settle with shake hands shape spawn straighten out strike off strike out structure synthesize take up think out think up throw off throw together top off toss off toss out trump up unite in vamp vamp up whip in whip up whomp up wing it work out write


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