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abide by accept adhere to administer afford proof of answer appreciate apprehend ascertain ball be acquainted with be apprised of be aware of be cognizant of be conscious of be conversant with be informed be intimate be so be such behold bill and coo book bottom bring home to calendar carry out carry through carve catalog catch catch sight of chalk chalk up check in chronicle cinch clap eyes on clear clear the hurdle clear up clinch cognize cohabit collect come alive come along come on come out come through come together commit adultery compass complete comprehend conceive conceptualize conclude contrive cope copulate copy copy out couple cover crack cut cut the mustard dally debug decipher decode deduce deduct demonstrate derive descry detect determine diddle dig discern discharge discover disentangle distinguish divine do do with docket dope dope out draft draw draw up edit effect effectuate eke out enface enforce engineer engrave engross enroll enscroll enter espy establish execute explain fare fathom figure out file fill out find out find the answer find the solution fix follow follow from fornicate frig fulfill gather get get along get along on get by get by on get on get right glimpse go along go on go on with grasp grave guess guess right hack it hang in hang tough have have a case have in sight have information about have it have knowledge of have sex have sexual relations hit it hold good hold water honor identify impanel implement incise index infer inscribe insert interpret jot down judge keep afloat keep at it ken know know again lay lay eyes on lie with list log lollygag look on look upon make make a memorandum make a note make a recension make an entry make do make ends meet make good make it make it with make love make the grade makeshift manage manage somehow manage with mark down mate matriculate minute mount muddle through nail nail down neck negotiate never say die note note down notice observe open the lock peg pen pencil penetrate perceive persevere persist pet pick out pick up pierce place place upon record plumb poll possess post post up prehend promulgate prosecute prove prove to be prove true psych psych out push the pen put down put in force put in writing put on paper put on tape put over put through puzzle out ravel ravel out realize recall knowledge of recense recognize record


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