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abide by accomplish achieve success act up to adhere to advance afford proof of amend arrive ascertain atone atone for attend to be a success be faithful to break through bring home to bring to completion bring to fruition cinch clinch coin money come into money come on come through compensate complete comply with conform to correct cover cut a swath demonstrate determine do justice to do penance eke out emend establish expiate fill fill in fill out fill up fix follow follow from fulfill get ahead get on get rich get there give and take give satisfaction go far go places grow rich have a case have it made heed hold by hold good hold water indemnify keep keep faith keep faith with keep troth kick back live down live up to make a breakthrough make a fortune make a success make all square make amends make compensation make headway make it make matters up make money make out make reparation make restitution make right make the scene make up make up for make up to mature meet meet an obligation nail down not fail observe pay back pay damages pay in kind pay reparations pay the forfeit pay the penalty piece out progress propitiate prove prove to be prove true put right put straight put to rights quit recompense recoup rectify redeem redress refill refund regard reimburse remedy remove all doubt remunerate repair repay replenish requite respect retaliate right rise round out satisfy set at rest set right set straight set to rights set up settle settle the matter show square square it square things stand up to strike it rich top off


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