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1. (n.) The property, quality, or state, of being magnetic; the manifestation of the force in nature which is seen in a magnet.

2. (n.) The science which treats of magnetic phenomena.

3. (n.) Power of attraction; power to excite the feelings and to gain the affections.

acceptability adduction affinity agacerie agreeability allure allurement appeal ascendancy attractance attraction attractiveness attractivity authority beguilement beguiling bewitchery bewitchment blandishment cajolery capillarity capillary attraction captivation centripetal force charisma charm charmingness clout come-hither consequence control credit desirability diamagnetism dominance domination drag draw drawing power effect electromagnetism eminence enchantment enthrallment enticement entrapment esteem fascination favor ferromagnetism flirtation forbidden fruit force gilbert glamour good feeling gravitation gravity hold hysteresis hysteresis curve importance incidental power inducement influence influentiality insinuation interest inveiglement invitation irresistibility leadership leverage likability lovability lure magic magnetic circuit magnetic conductivity magnetic creeping magnetic curves magnetic dip magnetic elements magnetic figures magnetic flux magnetic friction magnetic hysteresis magnetic lag magnetic moment magnetic permeability magnetic potential magnetic remanence magnetic variation magnetic viscosity magnetics magnetization mastery maxwell moment mutual attraction paramagnetism permeability personality persuasion potency power predominance preponderance pressure prestige provocativeness pull pulling power purchase reign repute residual magnetism rule say seducement seduction seductiveness sex appeal snaring suasion subtle influence suggestion supremacy sway sympathy tantalization temptation traction tug unobjectionableness upper hand weber weight whip hand winning ways winsomeness witchcraft witchery wooing


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