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1. (n.) A French title of courtesy given to a girl or an unmarried lady, equivalent to the English Miss.

2. (n.) A marine food fish (Sciaena chrysura), of the Southern United States; -- called also yellowtail, and silver perch.

Frau Fraulein Miss Mistress Mlle Mme Mmes babe baby broad chick colleen cutie dame damoiselle damsel demoiselle doll dona donna filly frail gal girl girlie heifer hoyden jeune fille jill junior miss lady lass lassie little missy madam madame maid maiden mem-sahib mesdames miss missy nymphet piece romp schoolgirl schoolmaid schoolmiss senhora senhorita signora signorina skirt slip subdeb subdebutante subteen subteener teenybopper tomato tomboy virgin vrouw wench young creature young thing


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