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Aktiengesellschaft CIA Central Intelligence Agency Christian abiding accepted adamant adamantine agency airtight aktiebolag anchored anneal approved at a standstill atelier authentic authoritative balance balanced ballast barbershop beauty parlor beauty shop bench body corporate bonded bristling bulky business business establishment butcher shop calcify calculable callous canonical cartel case harden cast-iron cemented certain chamber of commerce changeless close close-knit close-textured close-woven combine commercial enterprise compact compacted compagnie company compressed concentrated concern concrete condensed congested conglomerate conglomerate corporation consistent consolidate consolidated consolidating company consortium constant continuing conventional cool copartnership cornify corporate body corporation correct counterbalance crammed crammed full crawling crowded customary decided decisive definite dense dependable desk determine determined devoted diversified corporation dogged dour durable dustproof dusttight enduring enterprise establish established establishment evangelical exact explicit facility fail-safe faithful faithworthy fast fastened fiducial firm as Gibraltar firm up firmly fixed fixedly flat flinty fossilize freeze frozen full fundamentalist gasproof gastight glued gluey going grim guaranteed hard hard-core harden harmless heavy hermetic hermetically sealed hidebound hold holding company house immobile immobilize immotile immotive immovable immutable impenetrable impermeable imperturbable implacable impliable in equilibrium indurate industry inelastic inexorable inflexible infrangible installation institution intact intransigent invincible inviolate invulnerable iron ironbound ironclad ironhanded irreconcilable irremovable jam-packed jammed joint-stock association joint-stock company keep lapidify lasting lightproof lighttight literal lithify loft loyal made of iron marble-constant massive moored muscle-bound nail down never-failing nonporous obdurate obstinate of the faith oilproof oiltight operating company organization orthodox orthodoxical ossify outfit packed parlor partnership pat permanent perpetual persistent petrify pin down plunderbund pokerlike pool populous positive predictable prevailing procrustean proper proprietorship public utility purist puristic puritan puritanic quiescent rainproof raintight ramrodlike received relentless reliable remaining renitent resolute resolve resolved retain right rigid rigorist rigoristic rigorous riskless rock-ribbed rockbound rodlike rugged scriptural sealed secure


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