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1. (n.) The act of lustrating or purifying.

2. (n.) A sacrifice, or ceremony, by which cities, fields, armies, or people, defiled by crimes, pestilence, or other cause of uncleanness, were purified.

Amor BOMFOG Benthamism Christian charity Christian love Eros Platonic love accord accordance admiration adoration affection affinity aghast agog agreement ajar all agog altruism amazed amity anticipant anticipating anticipative anticipatory ardency ardor asperges aspersion astonished astounded at gaze attachment auricular confession awaiting awed awestruck bar mitzvah bas mitzvah beguiled beneficence benevolence benevolent disposition benevolentness bewildered bewitched bigheartedness bodily love bonds of harmony breathless brotherly love burning with curiosity captivated caritas celebration cement of friendship certain charitableness charity circumcision communion community community of interests compatibility concord concordance confession confident confirmation confounded congeniality conjugal love consumed with curiosity correspondence curious dehiscent desire devotion dismayed do-goodism dumbfounded dumbstruck eager empathy enchanted enraptured enravished enthralled entranced esprit esprit de corps expectant expecting faithful love fancy fascinated feeling of identity fellow feeling fellowship fervor flabbergasted flame flower power fondness forearmed forestalling forewarned free love free-lovism frictionlessness gaping gauping gazing generosity ghoulish giving good vibes good vibrations goodwill gossipy grace greatheartedness happy family harmony heart hero worship high celebration hopeful humanitarianism hypnotized identity idolatry idolism idolization in anticipation in awe in awe of in expectation incense inquiring inquisitive interested invocation invocation of saints itchy kinship kiss of peace largeheartedness lasciviousness lesser litany libido like like-mindedness liking litany looking for looking forward to lost in wonder love love feast love of mankind lovemaking lustration married love marveling mesmerized morbid morbidly curious mutuality not surprised oneness open-eyed openmouthed optimistic oscitant overcurious overwhelmed passion pax peace philanthropism philanthropy physical love popeyed popular regard popularity prepared processional prurient puzzled quizzical rapport rapprochement rapt in wonder ready reciprocity reciting the rosary regard ringent sanguine scopophiliac sentiment sex sexual love sharing shine shocked slack-jawed solidarity spellbound spiritual love staggered staring stupefied supercurious sure surprised sympathy symphony team spirit telling of beads tender feeling tender passion the confessional the confessionary thunderstruck truelove under a charm understanding union unison unity unsurprised utilitarianism uxoriousness voyeuristic waiting waiting for watching for weakness welfarism well-disposedness wide-eyed wonder-struck wondering worship yawning yearning


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