1. (n.) A small mass of matter of irregular shape; an irregular or shapeless mass; as, a lump of coal; a lump of iron ore.

2. (n.) A mass or aggregation of things.

3. (n.) A projection beneath the breech end of a gun barrel.

4. (v. i.) To throw into a mass; to unite in a body or sum without distinction of particulars.

5. (v. i.) To take in the gross; to speak of collectively.

6. (v. i.) To get along with as one can, although displeased; as, if he doesn't like it, he can lump it.

abide abide with accumulation acervation agglomerate agglomeration aggregate aggregation allow amassment barrel batch bear bear with beard bide bilge bit blain bleb blend blimp blister blob block body boil boss bow brave brook bubble bulb bulge bulk bulla bump bunch bunion burl butt butterfingers button cahot cake carbuncle chine chip chunk clabber clip clipping clod clot clump clumsy cluster coagulate collect collop colophon combine comeuppance concavity concrete concretion condyle congeal congeries conglobation conglomerate conglomeration consolidate convex convexity corn crumb cube cumulation curd curdle cut cutting cyst dactylogram dactylograph dent deserts deserving digest dilatation dilation dint distension dollop dowel dub due duffer ear edema embossment end endure excrescence fatty fingerprint flange flap footmark footprint footstep foozler fossil footprint foul-up fragment fumble-fist furuncle gall gathering gawk gel gelatinate gelatinize glomeration gnarl gob gobbet goof goofball goofer group growth handle hang in hang in there hang tough heap heavy heavyweight hick hill hippo hump hunch hunk ichnite ichnolite impress impression imprint incrassate indent indentation indention inspissate intumescence jell jellify jelly jog joggle join klutz knob knot knur knurl lip loaf lobster looby loop lopper lot lout lubber lummox lump it lump together mass merit mix modicum moiety mole morsel mountain much muff muffer nevus node nodule nub nubbin nubble nugget oaf pad palooka papilloma paring particle pat paw print pawmark peck peg persevere piece pile pimple pock portion potbelly power print prominence protrusion protuberance pug pugmark pustule put together put up with quantity rasher rib ridge rights ring rising roly-poly rube scoop scrap seal sebaceous cyst set shard shaving shiver shoulder shred sight sigil signet slice sliver slob smithereen snack snatch


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