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1. (a.) Emitting self-generated light; as, a luminous body\; a luminous color.

2. (a.) Illuminated; full of light; bright; as, many candles made the room luminous.

3. (a.) Enlightened; intelligent; also, clear; intelligible; as, a luminous mind.

ablaze acute aglow alight all-knowing all-powerful all-seeing all-wise almighty apprehensible bathed with light beaming beamy bespangled blushing boundless bright bright and sunny brightened brilliant burning candescent candlelit changeless clean-cut clear clear as crystal clear as day clear-cut clear-eyed coherent comprehensible connected consistent creating creative crisp crystal crystal-clear crystalline dazzling defined definite direct discerning distinct effulgent enlightened eternal eternally the same everlasting explicit express fathomable firelit fluorescent flushing fulgent gaslit gleaming gleamy glinting glistening glorious glowing good graspable hallowed highest holy illuminant illuminated immortal immutable in a blaze incandescent incisive infinite intelligible irradiate irradiated irradiative just keen knowable lambent lamping lamplit lanternlit light as day lighted lightened limitless limpid lit lit up loud and clear loving lucent lucid luciferous lucific luciform luminant luminative luminescent luminiferous luminificent lustrous majestic making merciful moonlit numinous omnipotent omnipresent omniscient one orient pellucid penetrating perceptive percipient permanent perpetual perspicacious perspicuous phosphorescent plain radiant refulgent resplendent rutilant rutilous sacred shaping sharp shimmering shining shiny simple sovereign spangled sparkling specific star-spangled star-studded starbright starlike starlit starry straightforward streaming studded suffused sunlit sunny sunshiny supreme timeless tinseled translucent transparent transpicuous ubiquitous unambiguous unbounded unchanging unconfused undefined understandable unequivocal univocal unlimited unmistakable well-defined


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