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1. (n.) The planet Venus, when appearing as the morning star; -- applied in Isaiah by a metaphor to a king of Babylon.

2. (n.) Hence, Satan.

3. (n.) A match made of a sliver of wood tipped with a combustible substance, and ignited by friction; -- called also lucifer match, and locofoco. See Locofoco.

4. (n.) A genus of free-swimming macruran Crustacea, having a slender body and long appendages.

Congreve Congreve match Olympic games Olympics a world-without-end bargain accompany accord accumulate adjust admit of comparison adversary affiliation agglomerate aggregate aggroup agree align alliance amass amount to analogize analogue answer to antagonist anti ape appear like approach approximate arrange a match assemble assent assimilate assort with balance batch be commensurable be comparable be consistent be in phase be in time be like be of one be parallel be redolent of be uniform with bear resemblance bed betrothal blend bond of matrimony both bout brace bracket break even bridebed bring into analogy bring into comparison bring to mind bring together bulk bump heads bunch bunch together bunch up ca call to mind call up candidate candle check chime clump cluster coequal coexist coextend cohabitation cohere coincide collect colligate collimate collineate collocate combination combine come close come near come to come up to compact companion compare compare and contrast compare to compare with compeer compete with competition compile complement con concours concur conform conform with confront conglomerate conjoin conjugal bond conjugal knot conjugate consist with contemporize contend contest contract contrapose contraposit contrast cooperate coordinate copy corral correlate correspond correspond to correspondent counter counteract counterfeit counterpart counterpose couple couple up couplet coverture cumulate dead ringer decathlon derby dig up distich ditto double double harness double-harness double-header double-team doubles doublet dovetail draw draw a comparison draw a parallel draw together dredge up drive together duad duel duet duo duplicate dyad effigy electric light bulb encounter engagement enlarge equal equate equidistance equipollent equivalent even even off event evoke exact likeness face facsimile fall in together favor fellow fight fire fit fit together flame follow foursome friction match front fusee game games games of chance gather gather in gather together gauge get in get together give away give in kind glim go go alongside go beside go together go with grade graduate group gymkhana hang together harmonize hit hitch hold together holy matrimony holy wedlock husbandhood icon idol ill-assorted marriage illuminant illuminator image imitate incandescent body interlock intermarriage interracial marriage intersect isochronize jibe join join together joust juxtapose keep in step keep pace with knot lamp lantern lex talionis lie opposite light light bulb light source like


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