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(n.) The state or quality of being loyal; fidelity to a superior, or to duty, love, etc.

abandon acquiescence adherence adhesion allegiance application ardency ardor assiduity assiduousness assigned task attachment bona fides bond bonne foi bounden duty bulldog tenacity burden business call of duty charge commitment committedness compliance concentration conformity constancy dedication deference dependability devoir devotedness devotion devoutness diligence dogged perseverance doggedness duteousness duties and responsibilities dutifulness duty earnestness endurance engrossment ethics faith faithfulness fealty fervency fervidness fervor fidelity fire firmness firmness of mind fixedness flintiness good faith heartiness heat heatedness homage impassionedness imperative indefatigability industriousness industry inflexibility insistence insistency intensity intentness line of duty mission must obedience obediency obligation observance obstinacy onus ought passion passionateness patience patience of Job patriotism permanence perseverance persistence persistency pertinaciousness pertinacity piety place plodding plugging preoccupation relentlessness reliability resolution resolve respect rigidity sedulity sedulousness self-imposed duty seriousness service servility servitium settledness sincerity single-mindedness singleness of purpose slogging spirit stability stamina staunchness staying power steadfastness steadiness steeliness stick-to-itiveness stubbornness submission submissiveness suit and service suit service tenaciousness tenacity tie tirelessness troth true blue trueness trustworthiness truth unremittingness unswerving attention unyieldingness vehemence warmth willingness zeal


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