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Attic Babbittish Bohemian Philistine Spartan affable amiable ascetic austere bald bare baseborn basic beautiless below the salt blemished blotted bourgeois cacophonic cacophonous campy candid casual chaste cheerful classic classical cockney comfortable comfy commodious common commonplace congenial contented convenient cordial cosy cozy cushioned cushiony cushy defaced degage direct disfigured domestic dry dull dysphemistic dysphemized easeful easy easygoing elementary essential everyday familiar folksy frank free and easy friendly fundamental garden garden-variety general gracious haymish high-camp homelike homespun homey homish homogeneous household humble humble-looking humble-visaged humblest ill-favored indivisible inelegant informal inglorious innocuous intimate irreducible irregular kitschy lean least lived-in loose low low-camp lowborn lowbred lowest lowliest lowly luxurious marred matter-of-fact mean mere modest monolithic natural neat nonclerical nondescript of a piece offhand offhanded open ordinary peaceful plain plain-speaking plain-spoken plebeian poor pop popular primal primary prosaic prosing prosy public pure pure and simple relaxed relaxing reposeful restful roomy rude rustic serene severe shabby-genteel short on looks simon-pure simple simple-speaking single small snug sober sociable soft spare spoiled stark straightforward teachable third-estate tranquil uglified ugly ugly as hell ugly as sin unadorned unaesthetic unaffected unalluring unassuming unattractive unbeauteous unbeautiful unceremonious uncluttered uncomely unconstrained unconventional undifferenced undifferentiated undistinguished unelaborate ungarnished ungenteel unhandsome uniform unimaginative unimportant unlovely unofficial unornamented unostentatious unpleasing unpoetical unpretending unpretentious unpretty unsightly unsophisticated unstudied unvarnished vernacular vulgar warm workaday workday


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