1. (v.) Strong imp. of Laugh.

2. (v. i.) To make the calling sound of cows and other bovine animals; to moo.

3. (n.) The calling sound ordinarily made by cows and other bovine animals.

4. (n.) A hill; a mound; a grave.

5. (n.) Fire; a flame; a light.

6. (v. i.) To burn; to blaze.

7. (superl.) Occupying an inferior position or place; not high or elevated; depressed in comparison with something else; as, low ground; a low flight.

8. (superl.) Not rising to the usual height; as, a man of low stature; a low fence.

9. (superl.) Near the horizon; as, the sun is low at four o'clock in winter, and six in summer.

10. (superl.) Sunk to the farthest ebb of the tide; as, low tide.

11. (superl.) Beneath the usual or remunerative rate or amount, or the ordinary value; moderate; cheap; as, the low price of corn; low wages.

12. (superl.) Not loud; as, a low voice; a low sound.

13. (superl.) Depressed in the scale of sounds; grave; as, a low pitch; a low note.

14. (superl.) Made, as a vowel, with a low position of part of the tongue in relation to the palate; as, / (/m), / (all). See Guide to Pronunciation, // 5, 10, 11.

15. (superl.) Near, or not very distant from, the equator; as, in the low northern latitudes.

16. (superl.) Numerically small; as, a low number.

17. (superl.) Wanting strength or animation; depressed; dejected; as, low spirits; low in spirits.

18. (superl.) Depressed in condition; humble in rank; as, men of low condition; the lower classes.

19. (superl.) Mean; vulgar; base; dishonorable; as, a person of low mind; a low trick or stratagem.

20. (superl.) Not elevated or sublime; not exalted or diction; as, a low comparison.

21. (superl.) Submissive; humble.

22. (superl.) Deficient in vital energy; feeble; weak; as, a low pulse; made low by sickness.

23. (superl.) Moderate; not intense; not inflammatory; as, low heat; a low temperature; a low fever.

24. (superl.) Smaller than is reasonable or probable; as, a low estimate.

25. (superl.) Not rich, high seasoned, or nourishing; plain; simple; as, a low diet.

26. (n.) The lowest trump, usually the deuce; the lowest trump dealt or drawn.

27. (adv.) In a low position or manner; not aloft; not on high; near the ground.

28. (adv.) Under the usual price; at a moderate price; cheaply; as, he sold his wheat low.

29. (adv.) In a low mean condition; humbly; meanly.

30. (adv.) In time approaching our own.

31. (adv.) With a low voice or sound; not loudly; gently; as, to speak low.

32. (adv.) With a low musical pitch or tone.

33. (adv.) In subjection, poverty, or disgrace; as, to be brought low by oppression, by want, or by vice.

34. (adv.) In a path near the equator, so that the declination is small, or near the horizon, so that the altitude is small; -- said of the heavenly bodies with reference to the diurnal revolution; as, the moon runs low, that is, is comparatively near the horizon when on or near the meridian.

35. (v. t.) To depress; to lower.

Doric Hydromatic a la sourdine abject abominable accented against ailing air mass alveolar anticyclone apical apico-alveolar apico-dental arrant articulated asking price assimilated atrocious automatic transmission back bad barbaric barbarous barely audible baritone bark barytone base base-minded baseborn bass bawl bay bearish prices beggared beggarly bell bellow below the salt bid price bilabial black blamable blameworthy blare blat blate bleat book value boom bottoming out bowed-down bray brief broad broke budget bullish prices business cycle business fluctuations bust cacophonous cacuminal call call price cast down caterwaul central cerebral cheap checked cheesy close closing price clumsy coarse cockney cogwheel cold front cold sector common commonplace compact compendious con concise consonant consonantal contemptible continuant contralto cooling off couchant crass criminal crisis crouched crude crummy cry cursory curt curtal curtate cyclone damnable dark dashed debased decline decrescendo decurtate deep deep-echoing deep-pitched deep-toned deepmouthed degraded dejected demeaning dental depraved depressed depression depthless despaired of despairing despicable despondent desponding destitute differential differential gear dim dimly dirty disadvantaged disappointed disapprobatory disapproving discontented discouraged disenchanted disgraceful disgruntled disgusting disheartened disillusioned dispirited displeased dissatisfied dissenting dissimilated distant doggerel done for donsie dorsal down downcast downhearted downthrown downturn drooping droopy dying dysphemistic earthy easy economic economic cycle economic expansion economic growth economy evil execrable expanding economy expansion expiring face value facing death faint faintly fallen feeble feebly feeling low few fixed price flagitious flagrant flash price flat flurry flutter footling foul frank freewheel front frugal fulsome gear gear train gearbox gearing gearshift gearwheel gentle gently give tongue give voice given up glide glossal glottal going graceless grave gross growth gutter guttural half-heard hard harsh heartless heavy heinous high high growth rate high-pressure area hollow homely hopeless howl humble humble-looking humble-visaged humblest hushedly hypochondriac hypochondriacal ignoble impoverished improper impure in articulo mortis in bad taste in extremis in low spirits in the depths in the doldrums


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