1. (superl.) Unbound; untied; unsewed; not attached, fastened, fixed, or confined; as, the loose sheets of a book.

2. (superl.) Free from constraint or obligation; not bound by duty, habit, etc. ; -- with from or of.

3. (superl.) Not tight or close; as, a loose garment.

4. (superl.) Not dense, close, compact, or crowded; as, a cloth of loose texture.

5. (superl.) Not precise or exact; vague; indeterminate; as, a loose style, or way of reasoning.

6. (superl.) Not strict in matters of morality; not rigid according to some standard of right.

7. (superl.) Unconnected; rambling.

8. (superl.) Lax; not costive; having lax bowels.

9. (superl.) Dissolute; unchaste; as, a loose man or woman.

10. (superl.) Containing or consisting of obscene or unchaste language; as, a loose epistle.

11. (n.) Freedom from restraint.

12. (n.) A letting go; discharge.

13. (v.) To untie or unbind; to free from any fastening; to remove the shackles or fastenings of; to set free; to relieve.

14. (v.) To release from anything obligatory or burdensome; to disengage; hence, to absolve; to remit.

15. (v.) To relax; to loosen; to make less strict.

16. (v.) To solve; to interpret.

17. (v. i.) To set sail.

Bohemian Paphian abandoned abate absonant adrift affable afloat afoot and lighthearted aid aimless aleatoric aleatory alleviate amorphous approximate approximative at large at liberty aweigh bagging baggy ballooning barbarous bate beat-up bedraggled blobby blowzy blurred blurry break loose broad by the way capricious careless cast off cast-off casual chambering chance chancy chaotic chintzy clear clear the way confused contradictory contrary to reason cool off cordial corrupt culpably negligent dangling debauched degage deliver derelict desultory detach detached deviative diffuse digressive dilapidated discharge disconnected discontinuous discursive disengage disengaged disenthrall disjoin disjointed disordered disorganized disperse dispersed dissolute doff drabbletailed draggled draggletailed drooping droopy ease ease off ease up easy easygoing emancipate emancipated emit episodic erroneous escape escaped excursive expedite explain extravagant facilitate fallacious familiar fast faulty fire flabby flaccid flapping flawed fled flee flimsy floating floppy flowing flown foggy folksy footloose footloose and fancy-free free free and easy free as air freeborn freed frowzy frumpish frumpy fugitive fuzzy general give out with go-as-you-please go-go gracious grease grease the ways grease the wheels grubby hanging hasten haymish hazy help along hit-or-miss homely homey ill-defined illogical immoderate immoral impotent imprecise improper in disarray in disorder in rags in the clear inaccurate inadvertent inattentive inauthentic inchoate incoherent inconclusive incongruous inconsequent inconsequential inconsistent inconstant incontinent incorrect indecisive indefinable indefinite indeterminable indeterminate indifferent indistinct indulgent inexact infelicitous informal intemperate invalid irrational irregular irrepressible laissez-faire lax lenient lessen let down let fly let go let up lewd liberate liberated libertine licentious light limp loose-moraled loosen lop lop-eared loppy lubricate lumpen make clear make way for manumit maundering messy mitigate movable mussy natural neglectful neglecting negligent nodding nonadhesive noninterfering nonrestrictive nonscientific nonspecific not following obscure of easy virtue of loose morals off-guard offhand offhanded oil on the loose open the way open up orderless out of out of control out of hand out of line out of plumb out of square out of true overindulgent overly permissive overpermissive paralogical pave the way


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