(imp. & p. p.) of Load.

abounding in riches afflicted affluent all ready all set armed armed and ready bent big-rich boiled bombed booted and spurred boozy briefed brimful brimming burdened canned charged chock-full climacteric coached cocked cockeyed cockeyed drunk comfortable crammed critical crocked crocko crowded crucial cumbered decisive devious disguised disgustingly rich drunk elevated emergent encumbered equipped exigent familiarized fat flush fraught freighted fried frightfully rich fuddled full-charged full-fraught good and ready groomed half-seas over hampered heavy-laden high illuminated in arms in battle array in funds in readiness in the money in the saddle independent independently rich independently wealthy inebriated informed insidious jam-packed jammed kairotic laden lit lit up loaded for bear lubricated lushy luxurious made of money manipulative mature mobilized moneyed muddled muzzy oiled on the mark oofy oppressed opulent organized overburdened overcharged overfraught overfreighted overladen overloaded overtaxed overweighted overwhelmed packed pickled pie-eyed pissed pissy-eyed pivotal pixilated planned plastered polluted potted prearranged pregnant prejudiced prejudicial prepared prepared and ready prepped primed prosperous provided provided for psyched up raddled ready ready for anything rich rich as Croesus ripe rolling in money saddled set shellacked skunk-drunk smashed soaked soused squiffy stewed stinko stuffed supercharged swacked tanked taxed tight trap tricky up in arms vigilant wallowing in wealth warm wealthy weighted weighted down well provided for well-fixed well-heeled well-off well-prepared well-to-do


Load With Reproaches
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