1. (n.) The act of delivering possession of lands or tenements.

2. (n.) The writ by which possession is obtained.

3. (n.) Release from wardship; deliverance.

4. (n.) That which is delivered out statedly or formally, as clothing, food, etc.

5. (n.) The uniform clothing issued by feudal superiors to their retainers and serving as a badge when in military service.

6. (n.) The peculiar dress by which the servants of a nobleman or gentleman are distinguished; as, a claret-colored livery.

7. (n.) Hence, also, the peculiar dress or garb appropriated by any association or body of persons to their own use; as, the livery of the London tradesmen, of a priest, of a charity school, etc.; also, the whole body or company of persons wearing such a garb, and entitled to the privileges of the association; as, the whole livery of London.

8. (n.) Hence, any characteristic dress or outward appearance.

9. (n.) An allowance of food statedly given out; a ration, as to a family, to servants, to horses, etc.

10. (n.) The feeding, stabling, and care of horses for compensation; boarding; as, to keep one's horses at livery.

11. (n.) The keeping of horses in readiness to be hired temporarily for riding or driving; the state of being so kept.

12. (n.) A low grade of wool.

13. (v. t.) To clothe in, or as in, livery.

accouterments armory badge badge of office badges baton blazonry brassard button cap and gown caparison chain chain of office class ring cockade collar cross decoration dress eagle emblems ensigns fasces figurehead fleur-de-lis furnishings getup hammer and sickle harness heraldry insignia lapel pin mace mantle markings medal mortarboard old school tie outfit pin regalia rig ring rose school ring shamrock sigillography skull and crossbones sphragistics staff swastika tartan things thistle tie trappings trousseau turnout uniform verge wand wardrobe


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