1. (n.) A torch made of tow and pitch, or the like.

2. (n.) A single ring or division of a chain.

3. (n.) Hence: Anything, whether material or not, which binds together, or connects, separate things; a part of a connected series; a tie; a bond.

4. (n.) Anything doubled and closed like a link; as, a link of horsehair.

5. (n.) Any one of the several elementary pieces of a mechanism, as the fixed frame, or a rod, wheel, mass of confined liquid, etc., by which relative motion of other parts is produced and constrained.

6. (n.) Any intermediate rod or piece for transmitting force or motion, especially a short connecting rod with a bearing at each end; specifically (Steam Engine), the slotted bar, or connecting piece, to the opposite ends of which the eccentric rods are jointed, and by means of which the movement of the valve is varied, in a link motion.

7. (n.) The length of one joint of Gunter's chain, being the hundredth part of it, or 7.92 inches, the chain being 66 feet in length. Cf. Chain, n., 4.

8. (n.) A bond of affinity, or a unit of valence between atoms; -- applied to a unit of chemical force or attraction.

9. (n.) Sausages; -- because linked together.

10. (v. t.) To connect or unite with a link or as with a link; to join; to attach; to unite; to couple.

11. (v. i.) To be connected.

accord accouple accumulate addition adjunct affairs affiliation affinity agent agglutinate alliance ally amass ankle appendage apply approximation arm articulate articulation assemblage assemble associate association band be continuous bind bond bough boundary bracket branch bridge bridge over broker bunch bunch up butt catenate cement cervix chain clap together clinch closeness closure clot cluster collect combination combine come together component comprise concatenate conglobulate congregate conjoin conjugate connect connect up connectedness connecting link connecting rod connection connector constituent contiguity continuate continue contrariety converge copulate correlate couple coupling cover cresset crowd date dealings deduction disjunction distributor dovetail draw a parallel elbow element embrace encompass equate filiation flambeau flaming torch flare flock together flow together forgather form a series fuse fusee gang around gang up gather gather around gliding joint glue go-between hand herd together hinge hinged joint hip hive homology horde huddle identify identify with imp include intercourse interdependence interface intermediary intermedium interrelate intimacy jobber join joining joint junction juncture knee knot knuckle lay together league leg liaison ligament ligature limb link up linkage linking lobe lobule lump together maintain continuity marry marshal mass mediary mediator medium meet member merge middleman mill miter mobilize mortise muster mutual attraction nearness neck nexus offshoot organ pair parallel parallelize piece together pinion pivot pivot joint propinquity proximity put together rabbet rally rally around ramification rapport relate relatedness relation relations relationship relativize rendezvous roll into one run on runner scarf scion seam seethe shoulder signal flare similarity solder span splice spray sprig spur stick together stitch stream string string together surge suture swarm switch sympathy symphysis tail take in tape tendril thread throng tie tie rod tie-in tie-up toggle toggle joint torch twig unify union unite vinculum wed weld wholesaler wing wrist yoke


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