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(n.) Descent in a line from a common progenitor; progeny; race; descending line of offspring or ascending line of parentage.

Indian file affiliation aftermath ancestry animal kingdom apparentation array articulation bank birth blood bloodline branch breed brood buzz catena catenation chain chain reaction chaining children clan class coming after common ancestry concatenation conclusion connection consanguinity consecution consecutiveness consequence continuation continuity continuum course cycle deme derivation descendant descendants descent direct line distaff side drone dynasty effect endless belt endless round extension extraction family family tree female line file filiation folk following forebears forefathers fruit gamut genealogy gens gradation grandchildren great-grandchildren heir heirs hostages to fortune house hum inheritors issue kids kind kindred line line of descent little ones logical sequence male line matriclan monotone nation new generation nexus offspring order order of succession origin parentage patriclan pedigree pendulum people periodicity phratry phyle phylum plant kingdom plenum posteriority posterity postposition powder train procession progeny progression prolongation queue race range rank recurrence reticulation rising generation rotation round routine row run scale seed sept sequel sequence series side single file sons spear side species spectrum spindle side stem stirps stock strain string subjunction succession successiveness successor suffixation swath sword side thread tier totem train treasures tribe windrow younglings youngsters


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