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1. (imp. & p. p.) of Limit.

2. (a.) Confined within limits; narrow; circumscribed; restricted; as, our views of nature are very limited.

Amtrak Lenten Spartan abstemious angustifoliate angustirostrate angustisellate angustiseptal ascetic austere authoritative baggage train borne bound bounded boxed in cable railroad chastened choo-choo circumscribed close close-fitting cog railroad cog railway conditioned confined constrained constricted controlled copyrighted cramp cramped crowded determinate dinky disciplined dwarfed dwarfish el electric electric train elevated exiguous expert express express train feature featured finite fixed flier freight freight train freighter frugal funicular geographically limited goods train half-pint hedged hedged about hedged in hemmed in hushed icebound impoverished in control in hand incapacious incommodious ineffectual insular interurban isthmian isthmic jejune knee-high knowledgeable landlocked lean leavened lightning express little local localized meager mean metro milk train minimal miserly mitigated moderated modified modulated monorail narrow near of a place one-horse paltry parliamentary parliamentary train parochial parsimonious passenger train patented petite piddling pindling pint-sized poky poor precise predetermined prescribed proscribed provincial puny qualified quelled rack-and-pinion railroad railroad train rattler reduced reserved restrained restricted restrictive rolling stock scant scanty scrawny scrimp scrimpy seasoned set short shuttle shuttle train skimp skimpy slender slight slim small smallish snowbound softened spare sparing special specialist specialistic specialized stable starvation stingy stinted strait straitened streamliner stunted subdued subsistence subway technical tempered thin tight topical train tube two-by-four underground unnourishing unnutritious vernacular watered watery way train windbound


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