1. (a.) Probable; credible; as, a likely story\.

2. (a.) Having probability; having or giving reason to expect; -- followed by the infinitive; as, it is likely to rain.

3. (a.) Similar; like; alike.

4. (a.) Such as suits; good-looking; pleasing; agreeable; handsome.

5. (a.) Having such qualities as make success probable; well adapted to the place; promising; as, a likely young man; a likely servant.

6. (adv.) In all probability; probably.

Junoesque a propos able acceptable ad rem adapted advantageous advisable agreeable amply endowed applicable apposite appropriate apropos apt apt to assumably becoming befitting bent bonny braw built built for comfort buxom by all odds callipygian callipygous cogitable comely conceivable conceivably possible congruous contingent convenient couleur de rose credible curvaceous curvy decent desirable disposed disposed to dispositioned dollars to doughnuts doubtless doubtlessly dovetailing earthly encouraging expected expedient fair favorable favored favorite feasible felicitous fit fitted fitten fitting foreseeable fructuous geared given goddess-like good good-looking goodly happy hopeful humanly possible imaginable in all likelihood in all probability in the cards in the mood inclined inclined to indubitably just right liable liable to like enough lovely to behold meet meshing minded mortal most likely no doubt odds-on on the button opportune pat personable plausible pleasing pneumatic politic possible potential predictable predictable within limits predisposed presentable presumable presumably presumptive presumptively probable probably profitable promising prone proper qualified reasonable recommendable relevant right rose-colored roseate rosy seasonable seemly shapely sightly slender sortable stacked statistically probable statuesque suitable suited suiting tailored ten to one tenable thinkable timely to be desired to the point to the purpose undoubtedly useful verisimilar very like very likely well-built well-favored well-formed well-made well-proportioned well-shaped well-stacked well-timed wise worthwhile


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